Australia in summer has some of the hottest, driest conditions on the plant. While you’re escaping from the heat, keeping the blinds drawn, lounging round the pool and trying to keep out of the sun, spare a thought for your guitar.

Fridge web

If you follow these simple guidelines your guitar should survive these summer time blues. Or of course you could just buy a cool Marshall fridge......

·         Do not leave your guitar in a case in a closed car on a hot day, even in the car boot.

·         Do not leave your guitar exposed to direct sunlight for any length of time, even through a closed window.

·         While travelling make sure your guitar case is protected from the sun by a blanket or some other insulating cover.

·         Purchase a humidifier from your dealer and follow the instructions on the packet if storing your guitar for an extended period.

·         If you avoid leaving your guitar in conditions you would find uncomfortable your is unlikely to develop any significant problems.

The last thing to be aware of is that even when you take all the above steps, the wood of your guitar will respond to dry conditions by shrinking a little across the grain. This may result in a lower action, slightly protruding fret ends and some unusual buzzes. These usually correct themselves once conditions return to normal.

And the best way to look after your guitar over summer……..Play it a lot!

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