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Fat Trax believes that Adelaide produces some of the best music in the world. As a busy recording studio we often get to the privilege hearing some of that music. This page is to celebrate some of the great music that has come through our studio and for you to have the chance to also discover other artists.

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Adelaide Singer/Songwriter Kylie Brice sounds like Missy Higgins meets Clare Bowditch. Born with a deep love of music, Kylie would sing with joy as a child. As she grew into her teenage years, Kylie began feeling insecure about her voice and was hesitant to openly share her thoughts and emotions with others. Behind closed doors; Kylie loved to write songs, a private escape to reflect on and digest life experiences. Check out kyliebricemusic.com

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Lily and the Drum. Some risks are worth taking. When Lily and John decided three years ago to leave the safety net of a full band and embark on the duo project they had no idea what the public reaction might be. Much to their surprise the public and music industry reaction has all been positive. With a great fan base and two albums in the Top 25 Most Played Australian Blues and Roots Charts Lily and the Drum have had little time to look back. Described as one of the hardest working duos in Australia Lily and the Drum continue to tour promoting their second full length album “Welcome Change”. www.lilyandthedrum.com.au


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Emma Rowe is a 23-year-old singer​/songw​riter origina​lly from Darwin. She has supported the likes of Big Scary, Frank Turner, ​Jebed​iah and Christine Anu. Emma writes songs from the heart but also from themind as she attempts to explore the answers to the big questions in life andadd​resses the big issues. Her voice soars its way through each song with animpe​ccable amount of skill and passion.



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Julia Henning is a 24 year old Indie-Pop singer/songwriter from South Australia. Her music and voice have a haunting, lyrical quality that has propelled her national prominence. Influenced by the songwriting of Leonard Cohen, Julia was born with a rare lung condition and was not expected to live past childhood. Now at 24, she is driven and passionate, with songs noted for their searing honesty. Her music has been compared to such greats as Coldplay & Tori Amos but it's Julia's unique ability to blend genres which stands her apart from the crowd.


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The Fortunes of War are a five piece pop/rock outfit from Adelaide. Influenced by artists such as You Am I, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Oasis, Ben Folds, Paul Kelly and The Whitlams amongst others,

The Fortunes of War have just released their debut EP: "Reward System". Catch them live around the Adelaide scene bringing back a little bit of the sound that made 90s music your favourite.


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Jess Nicks was the inaugural winner of "Discover" - a competition sponsored by Fat Trax Studios. When growing up, Jess's Mum always had music going at home and she always found herself singing along. Jess draws her musical inspirations from Jessie Jay, Adele, Katy Perry, Kari Jobe, Ellie Goulding, and Chris Tomlin. She is a big fan of pop rock and inspirational music with these influences clearly evident on her first EP release.


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Des Wade was born in Ireland for something he  didn’t do and has lived in Australia for over 30 years. Des describes his music as a sort of celtic & western, with some songs floating off into the misty twilight while others could be just as close as the next bar stool. He is inspired by beautiful lyrics and melodies and also uses Gaelic words and phrases in some songs.He has won many awards as a member of SCALA with positivity and optimism frequent themes in his work. He describes himself as a bit of a dreamer – but with both feet planted firmly in the clouds - who started out with nothing and still has most of it.


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Great guitarist montage

Here's a fitting addition to any Hall of Fame, some of the greatest guitarists ever.

"Great guitarist montage" by Dr. Blofeld.

Guitarists, photograph sources and authors are as follows from top left across (horizontally across rows):1:Jimi Hendrix: File:Jimi Hendrix 1967.png (author:A. Vente)2:Eric Clapton: File:Eclapton cardiff.jpg (author:Yummifruitbat)3:John Williams: File:Jwcrdba86.jpg (author:Kealow)4:Stevie Ray Vaughan: File:Svaughan.jpg (author:Scott Newton)5:Yngwie Malmsteen: File:Yngwie Malmsteen 3.jpg (author:Alterna2)6:Tommy Emmanuel: File:Tommy Emmanuel soave.JPG (author:Matt.mac)7:Slash: File:Slash in 2008.jpg (author:Scott Penner)8:Les Paul: File:Les Paul live.jpg (author:Thomas Faivre-Duboz)9:Ry Cooder: File:Ry Cooder playing.jpg (author:Dani Canto)10:John McLaughlin: File:Johnmclcrop2.jpg (author:Henry Flower)11:Eddie Van Halen: File:Eddie Van Halan - 77 in New Haven.jpg (author:Carl Lender)12:Larry Carlton: File:Larry Carlton Gibson ES-335.jpg (author:Sahko)13:Charlie Christian: File:Charlie Christian.jpg (author:Charlie Christian family archives)14:Joe Satriani: File:Joe Satriani 2005.jpg (author:Chascar)15: Lee Ritenour File:LeeRitenour.jpg (author:Jaime Olmo)16:Steve Vai: File:Steve Vai2001.jpg (author:Erjon)17:Jimmy Page: File:JimmyPage2.jpg (author:Jim Summaria)18:Duane Allman: File:Duane Allmann.jpg (author:Ed Berman)19:Tom Morello: File:Tom-morello.jpg (author:Adriangregori)20:Pat Metheny: File:Pat Metheny Barcelona 2008.jpg (author:Badosa)21:Mark Knopfler: File:Markknopfler20061.jpg (author:Ckuhl)22:Jeff Beck: File:Jeff Beck.jpg (author:Mandy Hall)23:Michael Angelo Batio: File:Michael Angelo Batio.jpg (author:Daikrieg el Jevi)24:Phil Keaggy: File:Phil Keaggy.png (author:Brian Kelley)25:Andrés Segovia: File:Andrés Segovia (1963) by Erling Mandelmann.jpg (author:Erling Mandelmann)26:Buddy Guy: File:BuddyGuyCrossroads2007.jpg (author:True Justice)27:Joe Pass: File:Joe Pass (jazz).jpg (author:Tom Marcello)28:Brian May: File:BrianMayNov1979.jpg (author:Carl Lender)29:Paul Gilbert: File:Paul Gilbert .jpg (author:Vinod Sankar)30:Pete Townshend: File:Pete Townshend - Phyllis Keating.jpg (author:Phyllis Keating)31:David Gilmour: File:David Gilmour in Munich July 2006-ed-.JPG (author:Joep Vullings)32:Kirk Hammett: File:Kirk2010.jpg (author:Boyoli)33:Carlos Santana: File:Carlos Santana 2.jpg (author:Jaud/Yarl)34:Eric Johnson: File:Eric Johnson cropped.jpg (author:Chascar)35:Joe Perry: File:Joe Perry.jpg (author:Jennyinthesky)36:Keith Richards: File:Keith RichardsCLOSE UP.jpg (author:Kelseytracey)37:Neal Schon: File:Neal Schon.jpg (author:Matt Becker)38:B. B. King File:B.B. King con Lucille.jpg (author:Stoned59)39:Chuck Berry: File:Chuck-berry-2007-07-18.jpg (author:Hakan Henriksson)40:Angus Young: File:AngusYoung.JPG (author:Weatherman90)41:Django Reinhardt: File:Django Reinhardt (Gottlieb 07301).jpg (author:William Gottlieb)42:Buckethead: File:Bucketheadgnr.jpg (author:Jhayne)43:Robben Ford: File:Robben Ford.jpg (author:Fairness And Accuracy For All)44:John Petrucci: File:John Petrucci Rio 2.jpg (author:Rodrigo Della Favera)45:Allan Holdsworth: File:AH-1975-s.jpg (author:Gmin7flat52001)46:Barney Kessel: File:Barney Kessel 2.jpg (author:Vernon.hyde)47:Richie Sambora: File:Richie Sambora Dublin 2006.jpg (author:James Anderson)48:Derek Trucks: File:Derek Trucks.jpg (author:Carl Lender)49:Al Di Meola: File:Al Di Meola 2006 1.jpg (author:Chascar)50:Shawn Lane: File:ShawnLane.jpg (author:Donnie B.)51:Paco de Lucia: File:Paco de Lucía 4.jpg (author:Kornell) - Self made using the files below.. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons 

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If you were to wander the city streets, searching for a pulse amidst the ribbons of uncertainty you would find them. If you have ever had moments of silliness, craziness, happiness sided with complete break down, obtainable love & love lost, its time to meet The Irresponsibles. Set your mind at ease as their songs take you on a journey of spirit.  

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