Great guitarist montage

Here's a fitting addition to any Hall of Fame, some of the greatest guitarists ever.

"Great guitarist montage" by Dr. Blofeld.

Guitarists, photograph sources and authors are as follows from top left across (horizontally across rows):1:Jimi Hendrix: File:Jimi Hendrix 1967.png (author:A. Vente)2:Eric Clapton: File:Eclapton cardiff.jpg (author:Yummifruitbat)3:John Williams: File:Jwcrdba86.jpg (author:Kealow)4:Stevie Ray Vaughan: File:Svaughan.jpg (author:Scott Newton)5:Yngwie Malmsteen: File:Yngwie Malmsteen 3.jpg (author:Alterna2)6:Tommy Emmanuel: File:Tommy Emmanuel soave.JPG (author:Matt.mac)7:Slash: File:Slash in 2008.jpg (author:Scott Penner)8:Les Paul: File:Les Paul live.jpg (author:Thomas Faivre-Duboz)9:Ry Cooder: File:Ry Cooder playing.jpg (author:Dani Canto)10:John McLaughlin: File:Johnmclcrop2.jpg (author:Henry Flower)11:Eddie Van Halen: File:Eddie Van Halan - 77 in New Haven.jpg (author:Carl Lender)12:Larry Carlton: File:Larry Carlton Gibson ES-335.jpg (author:Sahko)13:Charlie Christian: File:Charlie Christian.jpg (author:Charlie Christian family archives)14:Joe Satriani: File:Joe Satriani 2005.jpg (author:Chascar)15: Lee Ritenour File:LeeRitenour.jpg (author:Jaime Olmo)16:Steve Vai: File:Steve Vai2001.jpg (author:Erjon)17:Jimmy Page: File:JimmyPage2.jpg (author:Jim Summaria)18:Duane Allman: File:Duane Allmann.jpg (author:Ed Berman)19:Tom Morello: File:Tom-morello.jpg (author:Adriangregori)20:Pat Metheny: File:Pat Metheny Barcelona 2008.jpg (author:Badosa)21:Mark Knopfler: File:Markknopfler20061.jpg (author:Ckuhl)22:Jeff Beck: File:Jeff Beck.jpg (author:Mandy Hall)23:Michael Angelo Batio: File:Michael Angelo Batio.jpg (author:Daikrieg el Jevi)24:Phil Keaggy: File:Phil Keaggy.png (author:Brian Kelley)25:Andrés Segovia: File:Andrés Segovia (1963) by Erling Mandelmann.jpg (author:Erling Mandelmann)26:Buddy Guy: File:BuddyGuyCrossroads2007.jpg (author:True Justice)27:Joe Pass: File:Joe Pass (jazz).jpg (author:Tom Marcello)28:Brian May: File:BrianMayNov1979.jpg (author:Carl Lender)29:Paul Gilbert: File:Paul Gilbert .jpg (author:Vinod Sankar)30:Pete Townshend: File:Pete Townshend - Phyllis Keating.jpg (author:Phyllis Keating)31:David Gilmour: File:David Gilmour in Munich July 2006-ed-.JPG (author:Joep Vullings)32:Kirk Hammett: File:Kirk2010.jpg (author:Boyoli)33:Carlos Santana: File:Carlos Santana 2.jpg (author:Jaud/Yarl)34:Eric Johnson: File:Eric Johnson cropped.jpg (author:Chascar)35:Joe Perry: File:Joe Perry.jpg (author:Jennyinthesky)36:Keith Richards: File:Keith RichardsCLOSE UP.jpg (author:Kelseytracey)37:Neal Schon: File:Neal Schon.jpg (author:Matt Becker)38:B. B. King File:B.B. King con Lucille.jpg (author:Stoned59)39:Chuck Berry: File:Chuck-berry-2007-07-18.jpg (author:Hakan Henriksson)40:Angus Young: File:AngusYoung.JPG (author:Weatherman90)41:Django Reinhardt: File:Django Reinhardt (Gottlieb 07301).jpg (author:William Gottlieb)42:Buckethead: File:Bucketheadgnr.jpg (author:Jhayne)43:Robben Ford: File:Robben Ford.jpg (author:Fairness And Accuracy For All)44:John Petrucci: File:John Petrucci Rio 2.jpg (author:Rodrigo Della Favera)45:Allan Holdsworth: File:AH-1975-s.jpg (author:Gmin7flat52001)46:Barney Kessel: File:Barney Kessel 2.jpg (author:Vernon.hyde)47:Richie Sambora: File:Richie Sambora Dublin 2006.jpg (author:James Anderson)48:Derek Trucks: File:Derek Trucks.jpg (author:Carl Lender)49:Al Di Meola: File:Al Di Meola 2006 1.jpg (author:Chascar)50:Shawn Lane: File:ShawnLane.jpg (author:Donnie B.)51:Paco de Lucia: File:Paco de Lucía 4.jpg (author:Kornell) - Self made using the files below.. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons 

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